Cybersecurity Reconnaissance!
About Us

We perform reconnaissance on the cyber security market for businesses to find solutions that are worth wasting their time on. We deliver constantly curated, best-of- breed security solutions that de-risk the bleeding edge technology.

Our Advisors

Becky Wanta

is a seasoned executive with more than 30 years of IT and management experience spanning multiple industries such as Retail, E- Commerce, Entertainment, Gaming, and Hospitality. She was Senior Vice President/ Global Chief Information and Innovation Officer (SVP/CIO) at MGM Resorts. She served as SVP/CIO for the largest workers’ compensation insurance company in California, State Compensation Insurance Fund.

Her experience also includes the roles of SVP/CIO for Best Buy, Global Chief Technology Officer for PepsiCo (CTO), Executive Vice President and CTO for Wells Fargo, CIO of Pacific Compensation and CTO and Deputy CIO for The Money Store. She has also consulted with many Fortune 50+ customers such as: Target, Ralph Lauren, Wyndham, Caterpillar, Georgia Pacific, Coca Cola, Honeywell, Devon, Western Digital, Koch Industries, DuPont, 3M, Cargill, GE, P&G, KLA-TenCor, McKesson, Brown-Forman, Miller Brewing Co.

Barak Engel

founded EAmmune in 2003 when it became obvious that just being a geek doesn't pay the bills. Barak has over 25 years of experience in security and networking, which began in Israel, during his late teen years, when he engaged in certain computer security related activities as well as being gainfully employed as a computer programmer and trainer. He is the author of the new book, “Why CISO’s fail?: The Missing Link in Security Management-- and How to Fix It”

Before founding EAmmune, he helped start Adhere, where he served as COO and CTO. Prior to that, he built and ran the security department at WebEx Communications, working directly with many fortune-500 clients to address their security needs from what quickly became a critical outsourced infrastructure component of their business. Before then, he ran a customer network engineering team for Digital Island. In Israel, Barak served as chief network architect and business analyst at Netvision, Israel's largest ISP. Barak is an established security and compliance expert and evangelist, regularly appearing, speaking and writing on related topics. In 2003, he co-founded Think Security First, the first community user awareness initiative that won national acclaim and a fair amount of media exposure. He also co-founded and served on the board of the Center for Information Security in Walnut Creek, CA.

Walter Jones

is a successful Senior Executive who has led 3,000+ employees and has more than 40 years of banking/financial industry experience for leaders like Wells Fargo and US Bank; including oversight of operations supporting retail stores, data centers, banking platforms, and ATM’s. As an Executive, he has been responsible for managing bank mainframes, client-server, computing distributed information processing, supporting and overseeing information processing, high availability and business continuity processes.

He has proven leadership and team building skills. He has developed new policies and procedures to improve the effectiveness and performance of his groups. He worked with business partners to identify appropriate technology vendors as well as identification of business, technical, and project risks, while working diligently to mitigate those risks. He has expertise in managing vendor relationships and negotiating software and hardware licenses with some of the world’s largest companies.

Meet the Team

Amy Cline

Co-Founder & CEO

Alain Nguyen

Co-Founder & President
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Latest Breaches
Get up to date with the latest news from our newsroom.

Largest breaches

  1. Equifax – The breach affected 143 million
  2. Yahoo – Biggest breach in technology affecting 3 billion email accounts.
  3. Arby's breach - incident affected around 1,000 of its 3,300 locations across the country, primarily in its corporate stores
  4. E-Sports Entertainment Association - The hack compromised a database that included information on 1.5 million subscribers to the competitive video gaming community.
  5. Dow Jones & Co. - Security researchers said the number of exposed ...
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Largest Healthcare breaches

  1. Arkansas Oral Facial Surgery Center - was hit by a cyberattack that shut the organization out of files, medical images and details of patient visits. It affected 128,000 patient records.
  2. MongoDB databases - 26,000 open servers were affected, impacting 200,000 patient records end of 2016. New wave of attack in 2017 destroyed 45,000 servers, impacting possibly millions of patient records -- of Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center's patient records were exposed in a breach, due to a misconfigured rsync backup by its vendor. The database was located on a MongoDB server.
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Defense Contractors

Don’t lose your government contracts - Stay compliant CyberReconn, helps defense contractors protect their networks so they can meet 92% of all the NIST 171 & 181 requirements the US Government has mandated to bid on federal contracts after 2017. We do this within 7 days of implementation and without you having to spend tens of thousands of dollars per each requirement as it normally does. It only takes less than 20 minutes to set up. Not only do we work with hundreds of defense contractors, one of our services protects and defends the information networks for many Fortune 500 companies in the healthcare, financial, insurance, technology, retail, and E-commerce verticals. The cybersecurity provider we partnered with also holds certifications for ITAR, EAR, CJIS, DOJ, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS. In every instance where we've tested our system at a customer site, we catch active threats on their network! More importantly, it works in the background and protects your company's information systems (and your company’s reputation) no matter what your non-tech savvy users do. The system also provides clients with unlimited incident responses at no extra charge. And, we guarantee to provide 0 false positives. We help clients select solutions that are user foolproof.

Why Us?

You know what's really crazy to us having worked with many CIOs and CISOs over the years is that many of them keep a letter of resignation ready in case there's a company breach. They realize that despite their best efforts, they cannot protect their networks 100%. This is why the solutions we work with are more proactive, and are able to detect behavior based anomalies and unknown threats.

This is also why we founded this company. We don't believe anyone or any company should live in fear or held ransom by digital criminals.

Being business owners, we understand how hard it is to build something from scratch. The struggles, the hard work, the late nights and the sacrifices. That's why it makes us angry when a thief breaks into a business network and causes problems, crashes systems, steals proprietary information, and destroys a business that is the brainchild of another human being. We want to catch these bad people and stop them from sneaking inside and destroying, in one night, what took someone years to build.

We rarely meet a company not interested in moving forward once they see the access and insights they will have in real time once they run a test. Running a test will allow you to discover what your current security provider may not be detecting, and/or cannot detect, with their current systems. And if we're out of sync with your budget for the quarter or fiscal year, no problem. You have nothing to lose by trying out our solution, uncover your current threats, learning what our cybersecurity solution(s) can do for you, and adjusting your next budget cycle.